From the remote mountains of northwest Nicaragua comes a coffee that rewards with every sip.  This coffee's unmistakably rich, aromatic flavor comes from its certified organic roots in volcanic soil, the mountain climate, and farmers' dedication to quality. It is grown in shade under migratory bird-friendly rainforest canopy, hand picked and completely patio sun-dried.

green coffee beans in basket

Their-Bucks Coffee buys the beans directly from the farmers at above "fair trade" pricing and returns nearly every cent of net profits back to the families.  With the purchase of this coffee, you are supporting sustainable, socially responsible organic farming that protects a fragile rainforest ecosystem and helps these subsistence-level farmers maintain their self-reliance.


We sell the green coffee wholesale in bulk.  We keep some and roast it for local sale under the 43 Families brand here in Mount Pleasant, SC.  It's available that way for wider distribution.  And we sell it to non-profit groups for their fundraising purposes.

Photo of some boys of El Porvenir, arm in arm, smiling

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